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2008). Two different approaches can be distinguished in the design of these trajectory control systems. , 2001). Usually, the assumption is made that the autopilot response to heading and airspeed commands is first order in nature to simplify the design. The other design approach is to integrate the guidance and control laws into one system, in order to achieve better stability guarantees and improved performance. Kaminer et al. (1998) use an integrated guidance and control approach to trajectory tracking in which the trimmed flight conditions along the reference trajectory are the command input to the tracking controllers.

Post-buckled Precompressed Elements: A New Class of Control Actuators for Morphing Wing UAVs," Journal of Smart Materials and Structures, Vol. 16, No. 3, June 2007, pp. 919 - 926. , “Post-Buckled Precompressed (PBP) Subsonic Micro Flight Control Actuators," Journal of Smart Materials and Structures, vol. 17, no. , October 2008. , "Dynamic Elastic Axis Shifting: An Important Enhancement of Piezoelectric Postbuckled Precompressed Actuators," The Journal of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Vol.

The aerodynamic roll angle does reach the limit set by the command filter, but this has no consequences for the performance. The use of dead zones ensures that the parameter update laws are indeed not updating during this maneuver without any uncertainties. The responses at the two other flight conditions are virtually the same, although less thrust is needed due to the lower altitude of flight condition 2 and the lower airspeed of flight condition 3. The other control surfaces are also more efficient.

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