By Sergey D. Algazin, Igor A. Kijko

Back-action of aerodynamics onto buildings akin to wings reason vibrations and should resonantly couple to them, therefore inflicting instabilities (flutter) and endangering the full constitution. by means of cautious offerings of geometry, fabrics and damping mechanisms, unsafe results on wind engines, planes, generators and autos could be avoided.

Besides an creation into the matter of flutter, new formulations of flutter difficulties are given in addition to a treatise of supersonic flutter and of an entire variety of mechanical results. Numerical and analytical ways to research them are constructed and utilized to the research of recent sessions of flutter difficulties for plates and shallow shells of arbitrary aircraft shape. particular difficulties mentioned within the booklet within the context of numerical simulations are supplemented through Fortran code examples (available at the website).

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Infinite plate. The equation for plate vibrations is DΔ2 φ + ????v ( ????φ ????φ cos θ + sin θ ) = λφ . 1) The boundary conditions mean that the solution is bounded at infinity. The perturbed motion limited everywhere at the initial instant is chosen in the form φ = A exp(iax + iβ y), where α and β are real-value parameters. 1), we obtain D(α 2 + β 2 )2 + i????v(α cos θ + β sin θ ) = λ = λ1 + iλ2 , from which the stability parabola equation D(α 2 + β 2 )2 = hv2 (α cos θ + β sin θ )2 follows. Therefore, D(α 2 + β 2 )2 v2 = ≡ v02 .

Thus, the mechanism of flutter instability is revealed. For the round plate, the study of flutter instability conditions was performed by the first eigenvalue. The condition of flutter onset detected by the appearance of a complex-valued pair for the spectral problem in question gives an underestimated value. Also, the functional form of the spectrum perturbation with the increase in the velocity is clarified for the spectral problem being considered. Consider now the results of the numerical computation of the critical flutter velocity for a round plate and a plate obtained from a disc by the conformal mapping ???? ???? z = ζ (1 + εζ n ), ????????????ζ ???????????? ≤ 1 (the curve obtained by this mapping is called epitrochoid).

2305. 373240). 2385. As can be seen, the results of the latter two calculations agree with high accuracy. 5 1 1 X Fig. 8. 7: shape of Re φ (φ is the amplitude) for θ = 0. 1. Clamped elliptic plate. 7. The angle between the flow velocity vector and x-axis takes the values θ = 0, π /8, π /4, 3π /8, and π /2. Calculations were carried out on 9 × 15 and 15 × 31 grids using standard parameters (see problem 3). On both grids, close results were obtained. 4505. 2798, see problem 3) higher critical velocities are obtained.

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