By W. Sirignano, A. Merzhanov, L. De Luca

Authored by way of one of the most prestigious foreign researchers, this publication comprises 21 papers that tackle 5 normal catagories of combustion technological know-how: flame idea, heterogeneous combustion, unsteady and mobile combustion, turbulent combustion, and explosions and detonations.

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40 Lee, S. , and Law, C. , "Asymptotic Analysis of Ignition in Nonpremixed Counterflowing Hydrogen versus Heated Air," Combustion Science and Technology, Vol. 97, No. 4-6, 1994, pp. 377-389. 41 Im, H. , Lee, R. , and Law, C. , "Ignition in the Supersonic Hydrogen/Air Mixing Layer with Reduced Reaction Mechanisms," Journal of Fluid Mechanics, submitted, 1994. 42 Sanchez, A. , and Williams, F. , Pittsburgh, PA, 1995, pp. 1529-1537. 43 Sanchez, A. , and Williams, F. , "Relationships between Bifurcation and Numerical Analyses for Ignition of Hydrogen-Air Diffusion Flames," Combustion and Flame, Vol.

91 Citations here will be limited to a few of the recent works on premixed turbulent flame-front propagation in the Zel'dovich tradition. Much of this work involves extensions of that mentioned above, concerning front evolution equations, with forcing added to investigate possible influences of turbulence. 92'93 That work shows quite significant influences of density differences. For example, in the limit of lowintensity turbulence, the limit of the derivative dSr/du' (where ST is the turbulent burning velocity and u' the root-mean-square turbulent velocity fluctuation) is zero for constant-density flows but apparently infinite when there are density changes.

The Asymptotic Structure of Methanol-Air Diffusion Flames," Combustion Science and Technology, Vol. 91, No. 1-3, 1994, pp. 193-218. 62 Zhang, B. , Card, J. , and Williams, F. , "Application of Rate-Ratio Asymptotics to the Prediction of Extinction for Methanol Droplet Combustion," Combustion and Flame, Vol. 105, No. 3, 1996, pp. 267-290. 63 Card, J. , and Williams, F. , "Influences of Flame-Vortex Interactions of Formation of Oxides of Nitrogen in Curved Methane-Air Diffusion Flamelets," Combustion and Flame, Vol.

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