By Andrea Macchi

The continual pattern in the direction of larger and better laser intensities has opened the best way to new actual regimes and complex purposes of laser-plasma interactions, therefore stimulating novel connections with ultrafast optics, astrophysics, particle physics, and biomedical purposes. This e-book is essentially orientated in the direction of scholars and younger researchers who have to collect quickly a simple wisdom of this lively and speedily altering study box. To this goal, the presentation is concentrated on a variety of uncomplicated versions and encouraging examples, and comprises subject matters which emerged lately comparable to ion acceleration, "relativistic engineering" and radiation friction. The contents are provided in a self-contained approach assuming just a uncomplicated wisdom of classical electrodynamics, mechanics and relativistic dynamics on the undergraduate (Bachelor) point, with out requiring any past wisdom of plasma physics. for this reason, the publication might serve in different methods: as a compact textbook for lecture classes, as a quick and available creation for the newcomer, as a brief reference for the skilled researcher, and likewise as an advent to a few nonlinear mathematical equipment via examples in their software to laser-plasma modeling.

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1. The ray propagates from the region near the axis, where the nonlinear refractive index has the value n0 = nnl (a0 ), to the edge region where the field vanishes and the nonlinear refractive index has the value n1 = nnl (0) < n0 . According to Snell’s law, the ray will be bent at a refraction angle θr such that sin θr n0 = > 1, sin θi n1 Fig. 1 Simple “optical fiber” picture of relativistic self-focusing. 15) n1 θr θi D n0 42 3 Relativistic Nonlinear Waves in Plasmas so that total reflection occurs when sin θr = 1.

These ES waves at the plasma frequency are simply called plasma waves or plasmons. 9) where n i is the density of background ions of charge Z . As an aside, we also derive the dispersion relation of plasma waves in a warm υte = (Te /m e )1/2 , plasma of electron temperature Te when the fluid velocity u x the thermal velocity. To this aim we linearize Eqs. 10) me m e n0 where Pe = γe n e Te with γe = 3 is assumed (see Sect. 2). To close the system we use ∂x E x = 4π e(n e − n 0 ) = 4π eδn e . Looking for plane wave solutions we obtain − iωδ n˜ e = −ikn 0 u˜ x , −iωu˜ x = − e ˜ 2 δ n˜ e , ik E˜ x = 4π δ n˜ e .

G. Goldstein et al. 2002, Sect. g. an integral over d 2 r that is x-independent (in our case x plays the role of time). Two of such conserved integrals, which will be useful for our case, are ∞ H= 0 |a| ˜4 |∇ ⊥ a| ˜2 − 2 16 d 2 r, ∞ P= |a| ˜ 2 d 2 r. 35), to the conservation of energy for a system whose Lagrangian does not depend explicitly on time. The conservation of P comes instead from “gauge” invariance: the Lagrangian is unaffected if the fields are multiplied by a phase factor eiε . e. to the pulse power that is conserved along the beam path.

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