By Sarah Outen

Every day as I pulled the oars in for the evening, staring at the water droplets drip off the blades and again into the sea, I puzzled in any respect the strokes they'd taken and the entire ones left prior to us prior to we reached land. hundreds of thousands. hundreds of thousands, possibly? each used to be fairly actually a dip within the ocean.

4,000 miles of unpredictable ocean

500 Chocolate bars

124 days of actual exertion

three Guinness global files set

1 great journey

On 1 April 2009, twenty-three-year-old Sarah Outen launched into a solo voyage around the Indian Ocean in her rowing boat, Dippers. Powered by means of the grief of the surprising lack of her father and the choice to stay existence to the entire, Sarah negotiated wild ocean storms, encounters with whales and the continual risk of being capsized, wasting 20 kg of her body weight sooner than arriving in Mauritius. She turned the 1st lady and the youngest individual to row solo around the Indian Ocean.

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